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7-15-14: Tenshi, Aya, Utsuho, and Marisa updated
3-18-14: All MB characters updated
2-12-13: Tenshi updated
2-1-13: Tenshi updated
9-28-12: Ryougi released, all MB characters updated
1-28-12: All MB characters updated
1-12-12: Aya updated
12-25-11: Marisa updated
11-29-11: V.Akiha updated
10-31-11: V.Akiha released, all MB chars updated
9-16-11: Voice patch for Wakimiko updated
8-28-11: SWR Arranged 1.0 Lifebars released, Winmugen version updated
2-24-11: Nanaya released, Kohaku & White Len updated
1-25-11: Voice patch for Wakimiko released
12-26-10: White Len & Kohaku updated
12-25-10: White Len released, Kohaku updated
10-15-10: Kohaku released, Youmu updated
8-19-10: Myon & Tenshi for 1.0 released. Tenshi, Myon, & Utsuho updated
8-10-10: Myon released, Tenshi & Mokou updated
6-25-10: Mokou released, Marisa updated
5-24-10: Meiling and Sanae updated
5-5-10: Arcana Heart 2 Lifebars released
4-23-10: Mishio released, Utsuho updated
2-13-10: Remilia and Sakuya updated
1-24-10: All Characters updated
1-16-10: MBAA lifebars updated
12-26-09: Sanae updated
12-25-09: Sanae released
12-7-09: Utsuho and Marisa updated
12-1-09: Utsuho released, all other characters updated
10-28-09: Marisa updated
10-26-09: Meiling, Tenshi, and Sakuya updated
10-19-09: Marisa released, all other characters updated
8-16-09: Touhou 12.3 lifebars released
7-27-09: Sakuya released, all other characters updated
7-4-09: Fix Patches for all characters released
6-28-09: Remilia updated
6-21-09: Remilia released, all other characters updated
6-7-09: MBAA Lifebars updated
6-2-09: Fix Patch for Tenshi, Aya, and Meiling released
5-28-09: Aya updated
5-25-09: Aya updated
5-24-09: Aya released, all other characters updated
4-26-09: All Characters updated