Here's some quick Q&A just to get some of things of the way:

Q: Why do you keep making Touhou characters?
A: Other than the fact I love the series, it's more along the lines of making these characters more accessible to everyone in mugen with a user friendly system considering the bad rep these characters have been getting due to their projectile whoring.

Q: Will you ever make a character outside of Touhou?
A: Indeed I will, I'm just still stuck in Touhou-groove at the moment...

Q: Can I request to have you make character/stage/add-on?
A: Well...yes and no. Even though some of my creations are due to people's requests, most of the time I would like you to refrain from asking those type of questions. However that's not saying I'm not open to ideas, though when it comes down to taking a request from someone it's most likely because I have no idea what to do next.

Q: What are you working on next?
A: You can check the WIP (Work in Progress) section of this site to see what I have in store for the mugen community. You can also get a more detailed look of what I'm working on right now through my WIP thread at Mugen-Infantry.

Q: Can I use something from your lifebars/screenpacks?
A: You're more than welcome to use anything from my add-ons. Just some credit will suffice.

Q: Can I use something from your stages?
A: Same thing applies with my stages. Feel free to use.

Q: Can I use something from your characters?
A: I've taken the PotS approach to this and have too become open source with my characters, so feel free to use anything from my characters unless specified otherwise (I've had a lot of help in creating these characters and it would be rude if I just gave their part of the work to others without telling them). Some credit would be nice though :3

Q: Can I make an AI patch for your character(s)?
A: Of course you can or any other kind of patch for that matter. In fact I'm actually looking forward to people giving AI to my characters so patch away!

If your question doesn't relate to any of the ones above, then drop me an email at: